Thursday, January 7, 2016

Very Random Thoughts - December 2015

  • Watching and reading about the college football recruiting is often depressing. Pampered 18-year-olds flexing their muscles, changing their minds and showing their ignorance.
  • I'm beginning to wonder why anyone would bother shopping at a brick and mortar store during the holidays. The USPS, FedEx and UPS are more than happy to drop stuff off right at my door.
  • Would Ella Fitzgerald have a chance in today's music world? One of our greatest singers ever, but she was not cute and didn't have a glitzy stage act. 
  • Donald Trump abides by the premise that if you repeat a lie often enough it eventually sounds like the truth.
  • Would you want to be running a TV advertisement during news coverage of a mass shooting? Fourteen dead and several others injured, now a word from our sponsors.
  • How outraged would Christians be if a group of Muslims protested outside a church? Yet it seems to be OK for so-called Christians to protest outside a mosque. 
  • At some point in your life you will use a phrase that your parents did. It will be the exact thing that you once vowed never to say.
  • Remember when TV news reporters were journalists? Now they all seem to be aspiring actors.
  • Would the current in vogue Muslim slurs and jokes be acceptable if you replaced "Muslim" with Black or Jew or Latino or Gay...?
  • I often hear newscasters when referring to perpetrators of bad acts mention that they have "foreign sounding names". What the hell does that mean? Fox News excels at this tactic.
  • Who starts those Facebook posts that try to shame you into "sharing", "liking", adding to your timeline, typing "amen", etc.? 
  • Everything I bought at the grocery store last week is on sale or has a coupon this week. 
  • You know you are out of the loop when you have no idea who any of the guests on late night TV are, the host or musical guest on SNL or most of the Grammy nominees.
  • It must be a rule of the music industry that every artist record a Christmas album. Several should pass.
  • Does anybody understand those perfume advertisements that are run during the holiday shopping season?
  • Remember when bumper stickers were how you expressed your opinion. 
  • Is it just me? Whenever I detect a bad hairpiece, I think whatever this guy says is BS.
  • Many things that are touted as "new and improved" aren't.
  • Do you ever take a long hot shower not because you are dirty but because you are cold to the bone? Me too. Works great.
  • We have become a "gotcha" nation rather than a "fixit" society. 
  • Is there ever a good reason to have three announcers in a TV broadcast booth. 
  • Does the world really need both Diet Coke and Coke Zero?
  • Isn't it amazing how many large corporations pay millions of dollars in fines and settlements yet still "admit no wrongdoing".

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