Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Very Random Thoughts - August 2015

  • If a comedian doesn't offend somebody they are probably not very good at their job. 
  • John Stewart has retired from The Daily Show. Now who the hell is America's most trusted news person? 
  • Do any lawn sprinkler systems actually water what they are supposed to? Sure are a lot of well watered sidewalks, driveways and streets.
  • I've wondered when I see a graphic at the beginning of a show that says "HD brought to you by Acme Company". If they hadn't found a sponsor would the program have been in low definition?
  • Are there any adjectives or adverbs left that are not superlative?
  • Health insurance companies don't give a damn about your health, only about how cheaply they can minimally cover you.
  • How and when did ignorance become a virtue. Apparently it's a plus for Republican presidential candidates.
  • Wake up every morning with optimism, the alternative is depressing. 
  • Seems to me that when a TV broadcast has technical difficulties it never adversely affects the commercials. 
  • If you start the answer to a question "I am not a scientist..." stop right there, no buts. 
  • Whatever happened to slingshots? When I was a kid, every boy had one. Guess they are too dangerous for today's sheltered kids. 
  • Does it seem that there are a lot more backup singers these days? 
  • Shouldn't Labor Day be called Non-Labor Day? Unless of course if you are having a baby that day.
  • The "Oldies" radio stations used to play songs from the 50's and 60's. Now they play 70's and 80's music. Maybe we need an "Ancient" radio station. 
  • Why is there all this cider crap and other flavored beverages in the beer section?
  • There is no music on MTV or history on History channel or arts on A&E or education on The Learning Channel. Any other cable channels that have abandoned their original purpose?

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