Tuesday, September 22, 2015


This is a quick review of the new NBC series Blindspot. I very rarely watch episodic TV series, but the Rangers had the night off and I didn't care about the Monday Night Football game. So, I decided to see what this new show was all about. As it turned out I should have watched the football game or checked out Netflix or Amazon.

To start with, the premise of Blindspot is ridiculous. An abandoned duffle bag is found in Times Square that contains a naked woman who is covered in tattoos. One prominent tattoo is the name of an FBI agent. Of course, the tattooed woman has amnesia, no fingerprints or DNA on file either. Apparently her tattoos are clues to bad shit that is going to happen. 

After the full blown physical and psychological examinations and interrogations the action begins. Somebody on the FBI team figures out one of the tattoos and comes up with an address in NYC. The FBI agent named in the tattoo, Kurt Weller, and a couple of other agents prepare to go to the address. Tattoo Lady, Jane Doe, wants to go with them. Of course, the FBI say no and they argue. The FBI boss finally says take her. I won't go into detail, but at the address we learn that Jane Doe can speak Chinese and is a martial arts expert. After a fight with a bad guy, Jane Doe is saved by Weller.

Next up the FBI folks figure out another tattoo that has something to do with the Statue of Liberty so the same team prepares to go there. Again Jane Doe insists on going, Weller says no, they argue, FBI relents. This time Weller gets in a fight with a different bad guy and Jane Doe saves him with an expert shot. Do you see a pattern here?

There were also some Jane Doe flashbacks and we see some clues to her past and maybe the real villain. There are also hints of some romantic/sexual sparks between Doe and Weller, what a surprise. 

I am not familiar with the stars of this show. Jaimie Alexander is Jane Doe and Sullivan Stapleton plays Weller. Surprisingly they are both attractive, unfortunately, they are not great actors. The one cast member I am familiar with is Marianne Jean-Baptiste as the FBI boss. She had very little to work with in this script. Everybody is overly earnest and serious. No smiles or humor allowed. The script is predictable and cliche.The premise is so outrageous that it needs a little tongue in cheek levity. 

I will be skipping future episodes of this clunker. If you haven't seen it yet, don't bother.

Overall I give this show a solid D. 



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  2. Well, Geeze, now I guess I won't watch it again.

  3. Of course it's a reach, but it's fun to watch ... except for the camera work. I HATE nose-hair closeups of everything. Eyeballs to upper lip shots are creepy, especially on a big screen. I have to look away frequently because I don't want to be THAT CLOSE to a brier-face man. Could they afford a steadycam? I get sea sick.
    I do like the program, I just can't "view" much of it.

  4. Agreed, Tom. Several episodes later, I've lost all interest...but most series don't hold my attention for long:-)

  5. Agreed, Tom. Several episodes later, I've lost all interest...but most series don't hold my attention for long:-)