Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Very Random Thoughts - July 2017

  • When old, old friends meet at 4:30, does that qualify as happy hour or the early bird special?
  • Why do flammable and inflammable mean the same thing?
  • Remember Miss Cleo, the TV psychic, with the 900 call-in hotline? She's dead, but there is now a California Psychics Hotline commercial on late night TV. I'm sure it is totally legit and accurate.
  • Speaking of 900 telephone numbers, do they still exist?
  • I sometimes watch a very old TV show on one of the nostalgia channels. While I remember the TV series, I don't remember many of the individual episodes. Is that because I didn't watch a lot of the original episodes or because my memory is shot?
  • How many "senior moments" can be crammed into a single day? Apparently a very high number.
  • How long exactly is a moment?
  • Many (most?) local business owners really should not do their own TV commercials. Do not include family members either.
  • OK, those Facebook "quizzes" were tolerable for awhile. They seem to have exploded and now overrun some people's posts, and my newsfeed. I've never taken one, and never will. Complete BS and clickbait.
  • Isn't it time to just recall every air bag made by Takata? A new recall every few weeks. 
  • Did you ever notice how powerful lanterns and candles were on old TV shows? One candle could light up a whole room. 

  • I was at the grocery store when a person with extremely strong and bad body odor walked by. Always the fear that the stink will linger and the next person you pass will think it is you who stinks. Same problem can happen on an elevator, BO or farts by a previous occupant who exits leaving you alone in the elevator. 
  • Do you get the impression that the people who design packaging never actually try to open it? Some require a power tool or explosives to open.
  • How come those special credit card bonus reward categories never include liquor stores? 
  • Every baseball player from Little League to the Majors looks at his glove after an error. Is it ever the glove's fault?
  • Same idea, if you play the infield, after looking at your glove you smooth out the dirt with your foot or pretend to pick up the pebble that caused the bad hop.
  • I keep hearing the expression so and so or something "broke the internet" but it always seems to be working when I check.
  • Is there such a thing as a non-practicing atheist or agnostic?  

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