Wednesday, July 12, 2017

A Conspiracy?

I wrote about this recently. I had to buy a new TV and it didn't fit on my old TV stand. Yes, the new TV is bigger, but the real reason is that my old TV had a pedestal base and the new one had legs/feet near the edges of the unit. 

I went through the same scenario with a friend recently. We were able to move an old pedestal TV to a location where an even older and smaller TV had been with no problems. We had to make significant furniture changes to fit the new TV, with feet, into the vacated location. More changes will probably be coming, including the possibility of a wall mount.

In my case, I have ordered a new, larger, TV stand that will require a drastic rearrangement of my furniture in the living room/dining room area. 

Neither of us was able to find a new TV in the size we wanted with a pedestal base. Why? Even if my new TV had a pedestal twice as large as my old one, it would have fit on the old stand.

So, my question, is this a vast conspiracy between the TV and furniture manufacturers? Do the TV stand makers give the TV makers a kickback for making all their old stuff obsolete? Are pedestals being discriminated against? Probably.

I think this whole issue deserves a Congressional investigation at the minimum. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) should probably be looking into anti-trust violations and collusion. Is there an anti-pedestal lobby at work?

It's too late for me and my friend. Hopefully, changes will come before you and your furniture are rendered obsolete. 

Stand up to this assault on our viewing areas. We must be strong.


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