Monday, June 5, 2017

Very Random Thoughts - May 2017

  • Times change. Was watching the Florida A&M vs Florida Gators baseball game. It looks like the majority of the A&M Rattlers are white. Of course, there are Black players on the Gators too. Two schools that were once very segregated and wouldn't/couldn't play each other.
  • What would happen in a baseball "fight" if teammates, coaches, and umpires didn't hold back the participants? Oh wait, Nolan Ryan and Rougned Odor answered that question. Robin Ventura and Jose Bautista know that answer.  
  • What's the deal with these pro-Trump TV commercials? He won the election and got the job. Next presidential election isn't until 2020. 
  • Why do people respond to those click bait challenges on Facebook? You know the ones like "Post a dog's name without the letter in it, bet you can't do it." Think I'll try posting "Send me $1,000, bet you can't do it". What are my chances for success? 
  • At what age do you pass "getting old" and become just "old"? I know I'm old but I missed the exact time that happened. 
  • On one of those cable shopping channels, I noticed there is a program called How to Look Sexy at 50!  Don't think that's going to help me anymore. 
  • I can't believe that anybody would take the drugs advertised on TV after hearing the long list of side effects.
  • Does anybody else wonder how much time and money Trump spends on hair care? The color changes almost daily and several gallons of hairspray must be required to hold that mess in place. 
  • The new "Most Interesting Man In The World" is not as interesting as the original. So if the old guy is still alive, he is technically still the MOST Interesting.
  • I wouldn't want to be a writer on shows like Veep, House of Cards, Madam Secretary, Scandal, etc. How do you get more outrageous or funnier than the real political world?
  • Are the most annoying and stupid TV commercials the ones that are run the most? Or does it just seem that way?
  • I am tired of the media grabbing on to the medical study du jour and promoting it as solid conclusive science. It is just one study with few reported details. Pay attention, the next study may contradict those findings.
  • Do the whiskey distilleries age the flavored crap the same as the original? Crown Royal Vanilla probably should be against the law. 
  • Do you remember when Los Angeles was full of brown smog? I do. How did we fix that? Maybe by reducing carbon emissions.
  • How many millions do the reverse mortgage folks have to pay Tom Selleck to shill their product? What about Alex Trebek for overpriced life insurance for old folks?
  • Is it just me, or when a toupee, wig or some other follicle camouflage is detected, the level of believability drops exponentially?  

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