Monday, April 3, 2017

Very Random Thoughts - March 2017

  • You can't fact check feelings.
  • Why are there braille keys and audio instructions on a drive-up ATM? 
  • Who are backseat drivers going to yell at when we all have self-driving cars?
  • Same vein, what will Google or Siri say when the kids keep asking "are we there yet"?
  • Will the automated driver threaten to "stop this car right now" when the kids are misbehaving?
  • Amazing. Ian McCaw, the former Baylor athletic director, who was placed on probation and later resigned due to the school's sexual assault scandal has a new job. He is now the athletic director at another alleged "Christian" institution, Liberty University. Are Liberty football players now allowed to rape female students?
  • Are people so needy that they require "likes", comments and "shares" on Facebook? 
  • Please explain this to me. People who have survived some dangerous situation say that God &/or Christ was looking out for them. Often that same situation includes others who died. What was god looking at then?
  • Seems like whenever government is involved in something that went awry, a spokesperson says that they followed all their procedures. Not common sense or good judgment but procedures. We probably need fewer procedures and more common sense.
  • Do you ever refer to someone as "that old person" only to realize they may be younger than you?
  • It always amazes me how stars of TV series can recover from life-threatening wounds in time for the following week's episode. Seem like Matt Dillon got shot two or three times a season, yet never missed a show. 
  • Isn't it great when you really want something to eat/drink and you're not sure if you have any in the kitchen then you find that something? It could be the last piece of pie or cake, a few spoonfuls of ice cream, leftovers from a favorite meal, the last beer in the fridge, etc. 
  • Of course, the opposite is also true when all of that something is really gone. Crestfallen disappointment. 

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