Thursday, February 2, 2017

Very Random Thoughts - January 2017

  • Don't forget, the new year is MMXVII. It will also be the Chinese year of the Fire Rooster. 
  • OK, we all know now from those Facebook quizzes that you are cute, honest, sincere, loyal, a descendant of Cleopatra, most like Beyonce. We know your heart or soul or spleen is blue or red or purple or green. 
  • Confusing geography. North Carolina is in the South and South Dakota is in the North? West Virginia is in the East.
  • No matter what job or profession a person has, they think it is really hard work. 
  • When did bamboo become a miracle product? We have miracle bamboo pillows, sheets, seat cushions...
  • We now have to investigate the investigations and the investigators.
  • You know you're old when the "Oldies" radio station no longer plays your music because it's just too damn old. I need an "Older" or "Oldest" radio station.
  • Remember when you used to answer the phone without knowing who was calling.
  • Same thought, you would identify yourself when someone answered the phone.
  • I can not honestly remember how I found my way around before GPS. I rarely had a map in the car nor did I usually ask for or write down directions. 
  • How did we watch TV before there was a pause feature? Was everybody's bladder in sync with the commercials schedule? 
  • I see a lot of Facebook posts complaining about what other people post, especially about politics. Get over it. Either ignore the posts, delete it, block the person or engage in the dialogue. Did it ever occur to you that what you post is of no interest to others too? BTW, I find cat videos very annoying. 
  • Semantics, you can't really disagree with facts. You can disagree that something is a fact or not and you can disagree with the conclusion(s) drawn from the fact(s). There is no such thing as an alternative fact despite what the current administration says.
  • If a performer uses so much technology that the instruments and human voices are unrecognizable, is it still singing and music? Is it artistic or technical talent?

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