Friday, November 4, 2016

Very Random Thoughts - October 2016

  • As we enter Fall, the sidewalks are covered with acorns, figs, pecans and other things that fall from the trees. Even at my advanced age, it is almost impossible not to kick those objects down the sidewalk. Is that behavior in our DNA? Seems we never outgrow "kick the can".
  • When people greet you with "you look great", it's probably because you are old and they are surprised you can still move or are alive. You may not actually look that great.
  • Do you ever watch a food or restaurant commercial on TV and think "that looks terrible"? Seems like if a company spends hundreds of thousands of dollars on filming the ad and then buying TV time, they would make their crap look better. 
  • In the same vein, how often have you seen a movie trailer or promo for a TV show and thought "these are the good parts"?
  • Every time an app or software package makes "productivity" changes, I become less productive. That feature I always use is now buried about five menus deep or completely gone.
  • I'm pretty sure that "clean coal" is equivalent to "safe cigarettes".  
  • Locally-sourced is a trendy restaurant term these days. Does that mean locally grown, or just bought locally? I see restaurants in my area featuring ingredients that are not grown anywhere near here.
  • Many times I'll get the misspelled red underline and think, spell check is absolutely wrong. Turns out it rarely is unless it's a proper name.
  • The "Pro-Life" label has been hijacked by the anti-abortion crowd. Many of then are also for capital punishment which seems to me to be anti-life.
  • Is there ever a good reason to have three announcers in the booth for a sports event?
  • Same thought, do we really need a cast of thousands for the pre-game, halftime and post-game studio shows?
  • The new sports talk show on FS1 is called Undisputed  with idiots Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharp. In the promos, it looks like every topic is "Disputed".
  • How can any of these old white male Republican politicians say that grabbing a woman by the pussy is not an assault? Maybe somebody ought to grab them by the nuts. Fun, isn't it?
  • When did sports analysts change from explaining what happened to telling us what they would have done?
  • I have no idea how it gets from around 10:30 PM to 4:00 AM in just a few minutes. Could be my circadian clock is completely screwed up.  
  • Realize that when corporations make contributions to charities, they spend way more money advertising that fact than the actual contribution. All that pink stuff on labels during October is a marketing campaign, not a charitable act.
  • Not overly important, but it is hard to write, talk or type when you have the hiccups. 
  • I heard a tease on the news for a story about the nation's largest "Blowout Chain". I don't know what that means or whether it is good or bad.
  • How come every institution or government entity feels the necessity to have their own police force? Universities, school districts, transit authorities, hospitals, etc. Aren't the regular cops good enough?
  • I'm about done with putting an i (I) in front of a word to make a product name. It was OK years ago when Apple named the iPod, iPhone, iPad, etc. It's a little tired now. 
  • Some want to make election day a national holiday. If it happens, retail stores will still open and have "Election Day Sales". 
  • For the past two nights, I have had similar dreams that involved password problems. This seems odd and depressing.
  • Why can't college football use radio receivers in the QB's helmet to transmit plays from the coaches? The current system of hand signals, signs, semaphores, dances and assorted other nonsense seems quite archaic in 2016.
  • It is now assumed that if anyone in government or politics has emails on a server or PC they are criminal. 

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