Thursday, September 1, 2016

Very Random Thoughts - August 2016

  • A popular start to news and talk shows is for the host to give a brief synopsis of what's coming and then say "Shows name starts right now". That is a lie. The phrase is invariably followed by a commercial or a long introduction montage. Right now should mean right now, not in a few minutes.
  • Another BS job title. Hulu has a Senior VP & Head of Experience. What the hell is that?
  • Since newsbiz broadcasts can't preface stories that are days old with "breaking news", they now start with a graphic saying "developing news". 
  • I know lawyers need to work too, but do we really need to file a lawsuit for every little perceived slight? 
  • So, which is correct? Chili, Chile, Chilli, Chillie, Chilly? Depends.
  • It seems to me governors that badmouth Washington and the federal government the most are also the first to demand federal aid and assistance.
  • Am I the only one who thinks universities and athletic conferences should tell the NCAA to stick it? 
  • Zero tolerance rules and laws mean zero human judgment, zero responsibility and zero accountability. They are a cop-out.
  • Stephen Colbert does a fake confessional bit called "Midnight Confessions" yet he doesn't use the song Midnight Confessions as the theme. Sacrilegious. 
  • What purpose does Vanna White serve on Wheel of Fortune? The electronic puzzle board letters don't need to be turned. She is proof that you don't need intelligence and hard work to be successful.
  • Meaningless phrase that needs to be retired from our vernacular - "It is what it is".
  • Take it further - "It was what it was". "It will be what it will be".
  • How can there be overweight UPS/FedEx drivers in Texas during the summer? Hot truck and carrying packages to doors, sometimes upstairs, often at a run.
  • I keep seeing TV ads for car insurance that say you can save $400 by switching to (name an insurance company). My question is if I switch to that company and then switch again to a different company, can I save another $400?
  • Watching the Little League World Series reminds me how much difference there can be between 12 year olds. Some are still little kids and some are 6' tall and have facial hair. I was one of the little ones. Still am.
  • Why is Tony the Tiger's nose blue?
  • Every generation thinks the one before them is old fashion, they are near perfect and the one behind them is useless. Somehow civilization continues. 
  • Watching the Little League World Series, it is obvious that the star player on some teams is surprised that they are not the best player on the field, maybe for the first time ever. Those other teams have good players too. Some rise to the occasion, some look like they give up.
  • There is a show on Comedy Central titled @midnight. In the Central time zone it comes on at 11:00 and now that The Nightly Show has been canceled it comes on at 10:30. Always risky to have a time, day or Live in the show title. 
  • "We have launched an internal investigation" never precedes a job well done. What the spokesperson really means is "we are looking for a scapegoat".
  • Don't you just hate it when you smash a bug and red blood comes out? You just know it is yours.
  • When someone states "This is not about me", you can be pretty damn sure that it is all about them.

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