Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Very Random Thoughts - June 2016

  • I see drug commercials on TV for non-small cell cancer drugs. Couldn't they name it big cell cancer or medium cell cancer?
  • In another TV drug commercial, they tell you to ask your doctor for single dose Viagra. It's a package with one pill. Couldn't you just put one pill in a baggie?
  • Seems like every week I see or read a news story about airline employees making stupid decisions concerning passengers. Do airlines hire a high percentage of idiots, racists or both?
  • Was reminiscing about our high school graduation with old classmates. Back then we knew everything, were fearless and had no real responsibilities. Times have changed.
  • Interesting, $1 in the year I was born is the equivalent of $11 in 2016. A little over 1,000% inflation.
  • Did Edward R. Morrow and Walter Cronkite pay attention to ratings? 
  • Advertised on an infomercial for $119.95, special offer for $39.95, actually worth $1.95. Truth in advertising.
  • If the seas rise because of climate change, will we have to recalibrate the height of everything? Will Denver have to be renamed the 0.874 mile high city?
  • When we watch TV and movies made in 2016 in future years, will they seem dated? Disregard the technology changes.
  • Same theme, men's hairpieces certainly have improved over the years. Still fake, but not as ridiculous. 
  • Old sci-fi movies and TV used to have crappy special effects but better stories.
  • I think we should stop naming stuff (roads, schools, libraries, parks...) after people. Seems those people often are not as wonderful as we thought or their beliefs are no longer in vogue. 
  • Often times conservatives/Republicans think liberals/Democrats are idiots and vice versa. Different doesn't mean stupid, different means different. OK, sometimes the other side is stupid. 
  • Remember back when if a friend or classmate died, it was because of an accident or a war. Now it's because of health or old age. 
  • When did pessimism become the dominant view of America?
  • Will this year's disgusting presidential run mark the beginning or end of slash and burn campaigns? 
  • As you get older, be careful about taking time out from your exercise/activity routine. I'm at an age where it takes six months to get fairly fit and six hours to lose it. Not fair.
  • It seems to me that the idols and heroes of our youth are about five to 10 years older than we are. I have several examples if needed. One is the recent death of Muhammad Ali who died at 74. He easily fit into that five to ten year age difference.
  • Based on the number of unintelligible and error filled Facebook posts, it appears many don't realize you can actually edit or delete a post.
  • What happens when you think you find the love of your life but you are not the love of their life? 
  • If you think there is only one perfect mate, you are pretty damn picky. There are seven billion people in the world.
  • While watching the Kingston Trio PBS concert, I wondered how somebody could go from guitar to banjo to mandolin to fiddle without their fingers getting very confused. Then I remembered that back in my old days in IT at a bank I often went from keypunch to 10 key adding machine without a thought. Those keypads were backward from each other. Some copyright© or patent BS from IBM. Not quite the same.
  • When did it become acceptable for men to fashion a ridiculous hair style rather than admit they were bald or balding?
  • When watching old TV shows and movies, I'm amazed at the amount of smoking going on. Back then, I never even noticed it.
  • I'm convinced that there were some actors back in the day who wouldn't be able to act without a cigarette. It was a great prop.
  • It's pretty easy to lose or gain a day when you are retired. Is it Wednesday or Thursday?
  • Remember when Trumpy said he could kill someone on 5th Avenue and not lose any support. He seems out to prove that with his constant bigoted and stupid remarks.
  • "Accidental Overdose" - one of the most overused phrases of our time. How can you tell if it's accidental?
  • Although used interchangeably, "couldn't care less" and "could care less" are exact opposites. Figure it out. Grammer counts.
  • A now obsolete term - "carbon copy". Do any young folks even know where it comes from?
  • Remember, it is always way easier to criticize than to fix or actually do correctly in the first place.
  • There is now such a thing as a "YouTube Star". No comment.
  • Isn't "neither - nor" a double negative? 
  • It seems like if you have nice clothes on while cooking or eating, there will be some spillage, splatters, stain, drips or some other accident. Wear that 10 year old t-shirt with holes in it and you can't get food on it if you try. 
  • Remember back in your youth when body parts pretty much worked the same every day? Now it's a complete crap shoot. 
  • I'm not sure if getting an Amazon Prime membership was the best decision or just the most expensive. So easy to spend money online, but shipping is free.
  • It seems to me that the most armed people are also the most paranoid and afraid.
  • Nowadays, when I refer to someone as an "old friend", it could mean a friend who is old or a longtime friend. Of course, most of the longtime friends are also old.
  • When did SUVs become crossovers?
  • Is "heat index" a useful metric or is it just something to make us feel worse?
  • "wind chill" - see above.
  • What are all the teenagers and hotdogs with very loud cars/trucks going to do when cars are electric?
  • Leave it to the Post Office to figure out how to screw us. They sold "Forever" stamps for 49¢ and then lower the first class letter rate to 47¢.
  • I think "Study Hall" should be a real class where they teach students how to study. Not just a place for troublemakers.
  • How often do you try to correct an immediately caught misspelled word only to correct the wrong letter(s)? Try again. After about six tries at various combinations of backspaces, deletes, inserts and replacements, the damn word is still wrong. Just start over, it's faster.
  • When did our doctors become pill pushers instead of healers? 
  • Shouldn't Saturday Night Live be called Saturday Night Rerun when it is not an original airing? Any others? Isn't that Regis Lee and Kelly Lee program called Live with...?

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