Thursday, June 2, 2016

Brain Farts II

  • Had a red stain on my left sock. Thought I was bleeding. Turns out it was pasta sauce from a kitchen splatter.
  • Came out of the store, got on my bike, took off and reached for my sunglasses on my hat. They weren't there. Panic, they are expensive glasses, where could I have dropped them? About to turn around when I realized that they were on my face. When did I put them on? 
  • Was absent-mindedly picking at a callous on my toe when I thought the whole end of that toe was going to peel off. It was then I realized that it was actually a band-aid I had put over a blister. 
  • Have you ever gotten pissed when you find an empty toilet paper holder, no paper towels on the cardboard tube, or any other number of similar annoyances? Who was the inconsiderate SOB? Me too, then I realize that I live alone.
  • There really is no reason to store the colander in the fridge after you wash it. The cabinet next to the fridge is just fine.
  • I vigorously tried to get a stain off the kitchen backsplash the other day. Stubborn little devil. Finally realized it was a shadow. 
  • Many times I have also tried to clean a stain on a carpet or furniture that turned out to be a shadow. 
  • Got up the other day and put on my reading glasses that I keep on the bedstand so I could check my phone. Walked to the living room, sat down at my PC and put my living room glasses on right over my bedroom glasses. Pretty blurry and not very comfortable.
  • Couldn't figure out why I wasn't able to fast-forward a show I recorded. Turns out I was watching it live.
  • I'm pretty sure that I will go to the grave never understanding why people want to pierce their body.
  • Opened the oven door, bent over to pull out the rack to check on the food. My glasses fell off my face and onto the 400° oven door. Almost bounced into the oven proper. Luckily I was able to grab them before the lens melted.
  • Guess I didn't close the front door properly and certainly didn't lock it the other night. Woke up the next morning and it was about a foot ajar. Temps were in the 30's that night and it was damn chilly in the house. 
  • Never grab ice or anything else out of the freezer with wet hands. I sometimes do and usually regret it.
  • Was shaving the other day. Lathered up, shaved my neck (that's where I always start) and got distracted by something. Back to the sink and I almost just rinsed off the rest of the shaving cream without shaving. Last minute save when my brain woke up again.
  • The other night during a power outage, I still flipped on the light switch when I entered a room. That's OK, I flipped it off when I left the room. 

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