Monday, April 4, 2016

Very Random Thoughts - March 2016

  • In the words of the leading Republican presidential candidate, "I love the uneducated". That's how we  "make America great again", because we all know the uneducated excel at science, engineering and technology.
  • I really wish our leaders and politicians would make it more difficult for comedians to make jokes about them. 
  • What is this new BS on TV shows where a narrator reads the credits and tells us all the action? Very annoying. Stop it Netflix.
  • If that product is so great, why is it not sold in stores, only available from an 800 number, only advertised in the middle of the night and sold for about 90% discount? And just how much are those shipping and handling charges?
  • Shouldn't Dancing With The Stars be renamed Dancing With People You Never Heard Of?
  • How come our toes are tough enough to walk on all day, but are so sensitive when we stub a toe?
  • Ever wonder what happened to all those clothes you bought that are now long out of style?
  • Do any of the so-called "Christian" presidential candidates actually act Christian? If so, can you please point out to me in what way. I may have a rebuttal. 
  • Longevity does not equate to experience. Some people do the same thing day in and day out every day.
  • How many people say "I am praying for you, them, it.." as just an easy way out instead of actually doing something?
  • I often wish I was more giving but even more, I wish I was more receiving. Giving is the much easier part of that equation.
  • If you are so inclined you can find something to scare the shit out of you every day.
  • Likewise, if you are so inclined you can find something to make you smile every day.
  • We sure seem to have a lot of bullshit titles these days. I just read an article about an organization that named a new "Director of Local Innovation". What the hell is that?
  • Not sure we can blame narcissistic candidates for the embarrassing Republican presidential nomination race, but we can sure as hell blame the media and voters for encouraging and rewarding it.
  • Remember "Body by Fisher"?
  • Who decided that bunnies and eggs go together for Easter?
  • When I used to see newsreels from the 1960's about civil rights and other racism and bigotry, I thought we were past that. Apparently not. Once again, we will be embarrassed when looking back on 2016.
  • Only small, insecure people are threatened by other's success.
  • "Clinically Proven" just another BS and empty marketing term.
  • Oversinging and technology. The bane of today's music.
  • Is it just me, or is it harder to find stuff at a brick & mortar store? Amazon seems to always have what I need in stock.
  • The TV networks are complicit in the complete deterioration of the presidential nomination process. Their WWE like coverage of the debates and campaigns is disgusting.
  • It's no fun when your childhood idols start dying off from old age. 

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