Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Very Random Thoughts - November 2015

  • If we get an annoying weekly Emergency Broadcast System test on TV, why do we also need a separate monthly test?
  • Is the HGTV show "Tiny House Hunters" about normal size people looking for tiny houses or tiny people looking for regular size houses?
  • I get a kick out of TV commercials that put up the graphic "real people, not actors". I was under the impression that actors were people.
  • Do you ever open the refrigerator door, stare in only to realize you have no idea what you are looking for? Me too.
  • How can you be a fat ass football, or any, coach at the same time you are demanding peak physical condition from your players?
  • Political "debates" aren't. They are group, Q&A sessions sprinkled with junior high school bickering.
  • We have become a society of hollow symbolism as opposed to real substance.
  • I know there have always been ignorant people but when did we start to celebrate them?
  • Do any of you really think that typing amen or sharing a Facebook post will get gods attention? Kinda like thinking your sports team is somehow blessed.
  • The "Golden Rule" has been severely tarnished by our allegedly Christian politicians.
  • I find it hard to respect your position if you use false statements and fear tactics to justify that position. 
  • Unless you are a Native American, your ancestors were refugees and/or immigrants to this country at some point. They were most likely treated poorly and feared. Seems to have worked out OK. 
  • After watching the national and local newscasts tonight, I finally figured out what their purpose is - Scare the shit out of us.
  • Along the same line, didn't leaders in our country used to try to instill pride and confidence? Not fear and prejudice. 
  • Why do people go out of their way to find insignificant things to get upset about, like Holiday/Christmas coffee cups or the shape of Reese's trees?
  • Paranoia is contagious and many of our politicians are carriers.

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