Sunday, November 1, 2015

Very Random Thoughts - October 2015

  • Information vs misinformation. Which do you think is more prevalent on the internet?
  • Yesterday is gone, tomorrow is in the future. That should give you a clue that today is what to concentrate on and enjoy.
  • I don't want green apple or strawberry flavored fake beer. I want beer flavored soda and Kool-Aid
  • A few days after I wrote the above item I tried "Not Your Father's Root Beer" which is actually beer that tastes exactly like root beer. It was tasty but I can't imagine drinking more than one at a time. 
  • If you have an adult child, you are probably being paid back for all those times you didn't call your mom.
  • If you just met your first girl/boyfriend, lover or spouse now how would it work out? Better/longer, worse/shorter or never get started?
  • Do you ever notice the screen of your phone or tablet in a certain light and wonder how can I see through that gunk? Worse yet, do you ever wonder what might be growing on that surface?
  • I wonder how all these "devout" Christians, a supposed  religion of forgiveness and kindness, can be so negative and hateful of those they disagree with.
  • Why is it so important to open government meetings with a prayer? In all my business career, no one ever started a meeting with an invocation. Somehow we were able to survive and conduct business.
  • How come baseball doesn't have cheerleaders?
  • If you want to "prove" a point or belief, you will have no trouble finding something to support it. A few of those items may even be true and accurate.
  • By this point, I have thought of at least three or four very interesting items that I forgot before I wrote them down. Maybe they will come back to me in a future post. 
  • I wish Google and others would stop running TV ads that include tones that sound like notifications on my phone. 
  • Same thing with radio ads that include a car horn.
  • Watching stuff on DVR sure can screw up your perception of what day &/or time it is.
  • Everybody has prejudices. If you are very lucky, you are able to recognize them. Only then you can work on eliminating them.
  • What's going to happen when tattoos go out of style?
  • Hypocrisy is a way of life for politicians.
  • Since abortions are legal and have been upheld by the Supreme Court, how is it OK for states to defund Planned Parenthood. Shouldn't they be denying state and Medicaid funds to those health providers who refuse to perform abortions? Two sides to every argument.
  • Is it really an honor to have a prison or jail named for you?
  • When did scattered rain showers become headline news?
  • Regardless of what the styles are, clothes, hair, makeup, etc., it always looks funny 10 years later. 

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