Thursday, October 1, 2015

Very Random Thoughts - September 2015

  • It seems to me that there are more commercial breaks but far fewer unique commercials or advertisers. I get real tired after the 200th airing of a spot.
  • Between the doomsday news media and the doomsday presidential candidates, it is very hard to be optimistic.
  • For all you paranoid, majority, white, heterosexual Christians, take a breath. Think how hard life would be if you were minority Black or brown, LBGT, Muslim or atheist. Then the white, heterosexual Christians would be fighting you at every turn.
  • Does it make you angry when you think about how long you kept and paid for your telephone land line after we had reliable cell service?
  • Remember these things? I guess store and credit card reward programs have taken their place. At least we don't have to lick our credit cards to get the benefits.
  • I really like when I get an email informing me I have a new bill and it opens with "Dear Valued Customer". So personal.
  • Would Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy or his new squeeze be able to get a marriage license in Rowan County, Kentucky?
  • Pal, it's a good moniker for a close friend. Unfortunately, it has fallen out of our current vocabulary. 
  • When people say "God's law first" in protest to some civil law or court ruling, they, of course, mean their god. There are many places where god's law is first, only and last. How is that working out?
  • In today's gotcha society, I don't blame anyone for exercising their 5th amendment rights when testifying before our incompetent, grandstanding, self-righteous Congress. 
  • If you are going to be mathematically incorrect, why would you stop with 110% effort? Why not go for 1,000% or a gazillion %, all equally incorrect and impossible.
  • It seems that none of our elected officials are willing to compromise to get legislation passed. Have none of those people ever been married or do they always get their way in the marriage?
  • Many of us, myself included, eat pretty much the same thing every day for breakfast. We wouldn't think of doing that for other meals.
  • What is sacred to you may be meaningless, possibly repulsive or sacrilegious, to others. 
  • Are beauty pageants finally completely irrelevant? 
  • All news is biased, but it only looks that way if the bias is different than yours.
  • Most so-called political scandals are much ado about nothing.
  • In the same vein, it is hardly every the actual dirty deed that causes the problem, but the cover up.
  • When you start a comment with "It's none of my business", stop before the "but...". Whatever you say after but will make the situation worse.
  • How much content would be left on Facebook or YouTube if they eliminated the dog and cat videos?
  • When did the word "fewer" disappear from our language? I was taught by the nuns that if you could count the thing named by the noun being modified you used "fewer". If you couldn't count it you used "less". You have fewer coins than me. I have less money than you. Now "less" is used in both sentences. Sister Mary Grammatica is rolling in her grave.
  • You can be smart and ignorant at the same time although it is much easier to be ignorant if you are a dumbass. 
  • One of the anomalies of growing older is that as you have more time to contemplate things, you often can't remember what you wanted to contemplate.
  • "Absolutely" seems to be the new word for "yes" even though it often doesn't fit.
  • Unless you check the facts and statistics, it is impossible to tell the difference between a real trend or epidemic versus just a change in how the story is being reported and portrayed by our crack news media and the internet.
  • How recent does news have to be in order to be hyped as "Breaking News" on TV newscasts? Seems most outlets have a very loose and liberal interpretation. 

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