Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Very Random Thoughts - July 2015

  • Do some of these presidential candidates just enter the race so they can beef up their resume? I bet they leave off the adjective "delusional" when they list presidential candidate in the previous jobs section. 
  • Three pillars of country music are drinking, smoking and trucks. Will smoking soon fade from the music? Trains, an earlier staple, already have.
  • Why are we conducting or paying attention to presidential polls in the summer of 2015? The first primary (caucus) is February 2016 and the election is November 2016.
  • Remember when you were little and someone asked how old you were? You always made sure to add the ½ as soon as you could. I don't have any desire to add that ½ year anymore.
  • Never underestimate our ability to find some group to discriminate against.
  • It seems assholes and idiots get the most air time. 
  • I remember when funeral homes operated ambulances. Was that a conflict of interest?
  • Opinions rule and facts are subject to convoluted interpretations to support those opinions. 
  • On Facebook what does a "Like" really mean? Do you have to actually like the content of the post or can it also be an acknowledgement that you saw it?
  • If something is curated &/or artisanal be prepared to pay way more than it is worth. 
  • Nowadays the veneer is more important than the underlying structure to most people.

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