Monday, June 1, 2015

Very Random Thoughts - May 2015

  • Regardless of how much or how recent the rain, someone's sprinklers will be on. Seems the bigger the house the more likely the faux pas. 
  • I remember the Mission: Impossible TV show. That crew outwitted the bad guys and rarely used any violence. Tom Cruise has completely trashed the franchise with standard violent over the top action movies. 
  • How come when you forget an item at the grocery store it is the exact ingredient you needed that night.
  • Believing in god is not the same as believing in religion.
  • When we get self-driving cars will we still need a designated driver for nights out on the town?
  • I've often wondered how political reporters and correspondents can keep a straight face. I would be tempted to laugh out loud and shout WTF when listening to politicians.  
  • Granting others equal rights does not mean you lose yours. 


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