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Scattershooting 03-22-15

Scattershooting while wondering whatever happened to the great

Sunday's Summary

My incomplete recap of the week

OK folks, here is the news you were all waiting for, Richie Porte, an Australian, for Team Sky won the Paris-Nice cycling race.

Great morning for a walk (3/16). Actually got a little warm. I'll have to take off my big boy pants and change into shorts for the bike ride. There were two of the eight pieces of equipment in use today at Boys Ranch. Only four supervisors standing next to the hole. The only real progress I have seen over the past couple of weeks is this new sign. It's always important to have a sign.

The Tuesday report this week is mostly from Colleyville. It was a beautiful day in the neighborhood, temps in the 70's in the morning and mid 80's by the afternoon. My bike thermometer reached 91° in the sun. Walked around Tara this morning. It's nice to see flowing water in Little Bear Creek. At one point I came across a turtle train on a log. The ponds on the big house lots are full too. The old ranch style house at Stafford & Oak Knoll is gone, probably to make way for a new McMansion. There are no houses yet in the new development on Bluebonnet but the road, walls and gates are all in place. There was a bulldozer moving lots of dirt at Riverwalk & Church in front of Lifetime Fitness. They are making a career out of the traffic circle project at Cheek-Sparger & Central/Jackson. What a mess. It is really nice to have a touch of Spring.

We got a little early jump on St. Patrick's Day. I cooked the corned beef, cabbage and potatoes Sunday night and we ate it for last night's supper. There was also some wine and Guinness involved. There are leftovers, do I have the same thing tonight or should I make a Reuben? Guinness will probably be involved again either way. Decisions, decisions, decisions...

Wow, up to $13 million for one year. Wonder how much he would have gotten if he wasn't a thug. Once again the NFL cracks down on domestic violence.

I love Pandora. It plays the songs I like and reminds me of ones I don't have in my own collection. Today a song came on that I haven't heard in years. It was released in 1965, which was a pivotal year in my life. The song reached #7 on the Hot 100 in August '65. The group is The Fortunes. Unfortunately three of the original five members are dead and there are no originals in the current lineup. Here is You've Got Your Troubles -

Went for a long walk this morning. It was a foggy, misty, 100% humidity kind of day but no rain and temp around 60°. Went around Chisholm Park to see the progress on the new water park. Lotsa activity but a long way to go. It doesn't look like it will be ready for the start of summer. Closer to home, the temporary fence around Carousel Park is down but the park is still closed. It has been over two years since they closed the park to drill a new water well, then used it as a staging area for water pipe construction in the neighborhood. That is still in progress. Spring Valley is torn up now.

Unfortunately the Cinderella team from Thursday fell today. It's very hard to play basketball in those glass slippers. Georgia State loses to Xavier. Nice story though.

First panic, then relief and finally joy. Made a beer run to Kroger today. When I turned onto the beer aisle I didn't see any Pabst. There was some Mexican beer in it's usual place. Upon further investigation I saw the Pabst in a new location. When I got there I noticed that they have doubled the space allocated over the old shelf space. It is about time. Ever since they remodeled the store last summer and move the beer they have been running out of Pabst. Maybe now they can keep it in stock. I would like to think that I had something to do with this change.

Misty walk through Boys Ranch this morning. I discovered that the ducks in that lake are Irish. Had some Irish soda bread left over from St. Patrick's Day so I took it to the park. They loved it. Some of the ducks may have a little Asian in them also. Had a few wasabi/soy Triscuits in the mix too. Probably Peking ducks.

This week for ‪#‎SongSunday‬ we look at the difference an arrangement and artist can make to a song. This song was a #1 hit for the Supremes in 1966 and #6 for Vanilla Fudge in '68. Same song, two entirely different interpretations. One upbeat and happy, the other dramatic and sad. I personally liked the Vanilla Fudge version better. Here is You Keep Me Hangin' On -

Here is The Supremes version along with a bonus song -


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