Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Very Random Thoughts 10-01-13

by Bill Holmes  

  • How can Skip Bayless still be on ESPN? He was a jerk in the 80's and 90's when he was in D/FW and he is still a jerk. Stephen A. Smith is at least as bad. 
  • Stumbled on a Gunsmoke episode on TVLand. It was in color. All the episodes on Encore Western are B&W. Forgot that Matt wore a pink shirt or was it just faded red. 
  • Remember when thongs were something you wore on your feet?
  • How come I can point the TV/cable remote directly at those devices and it doesn't do what I want? Then I can just barely brush against the remote with my leg (or ass cheek) and everything turns off, on or some function I didn't even know existed.
  • Why does every musical group, band or singer pretend to end their show 20 minutes early and then act like the last part is an encore? Did you really think they were going to end the show without performing their biggest hit?  
  • How is it possible that ESPN employs Matt Millen as a college football analyst? Isn't he the guy who, as Detroit Lions GM, never drafted a decent player in seven years? Lesson learned - incompetency pays.
  • All the grunting in tennis makes it unwatchable to me unless I mute the audio.
  • How about MLB/NFL/NBA reduces ticket prices instead of paying jerks $100 million?

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